In today’s world, the word “globalisation” is a cliché already. English is not just a foreign language anymore. It has become a part of our everyday communications to a level we just can’t ignore.

English General [ read more ]

Explore the English language in a wide variety of contexts and real life situations. Familiarise yourself with all the standard accents and right grammar. Sharpen your knowledge of English language and prepare yourself to face any academic or professional or social scenario.

English General widely covers:

Speaking skills: Learn to speak accurately with correct grammar

Writing skills: Write an appealing paragraph or a review

Reading skills: Read a variety of texts and also improve your speed of reading

Listening skills: Listen to native speakers of English with ease

Grammar: Learn and apply various grammatical structures in different situations

Vocabulary: Use the right word in the right place

Public Express [ read more ]

You don’t need to be a politician or on the stage of Oscars to be a good orator.

Public speaking is a skill we all need to influence and communicate with the mass, small or big. Be a family get together or the conference room at work, you are what you speak. Aboard the Public Express, we help you to express yourself bold and confident, making your stand highlighted.

Public Speaking Skills: Speak confidently to make an impression on everybody.

Write Away [ read more ]

If you want to get better at something, you have to practice – and writing is no exception. But practicing the “right way” is all that matters.

Learn the basic principles of professional writing, usage of correct grammar, spellings and the punctuation rules. Add that confidence to whatever you write and make it effective. From basic email etiquettes to precise technical write-ups or a stunning blog, we offer a platter of writing programs for you to choose from:

Email writing: Write professional emails to your internal and external customers.

Letter writing: Write letters of international standards.

Report writing: Write reports of publishable standards.

Technical writing: Learn how to communicate audience-specific technical information. TIP! You could be a technical writer for many industries.

Creative writing: From stories to journals- add flair to whatever you write.

ELTAcorp [ read more ]

Leading a corporate lifestyle is not just about the way you dress yourself up, but how you live it up to your success.

ELTAcorp delves deep into your elevation as an individual, guiding your way through the apparent “grind” that gears the corporate world. Communication, negotiation, leadership and all the other skills are finely crafted in your arsenal, preparing you for the corporate battlefield.

Email etiquettes: Write professional emails to your internal and external customers.

Negotiation skills: Clinch a deal or make things work your way.

Leadership skills: Learn to lead your team effectively.

Confidence building: Present yourself impressively.

Presentation skills: Make a powerful point effectively and persuasively.

Management skills: Make and execute the right decision.

Across the Table [ read more ]

The art of communication shoots to a new level when you practice it across the table. Be a board room discussion or that scheduled final interview, you will definitely stand a better chance if you know the skills to tackle through.

ELTA has devised a neat, practical, mock-sessions based program to groom people across all levels to make them feel confident in handling any situation where they need to initiate, maneuver or lead a discussion or a formal communication in English.

Group Discussion skills: Initiate and maneuver a discussion to your advantage.

Interview Skills: It’s not just the first impression. There is a lot more to it.

ELTAVnA [ read more ]

At any given time, 5% of the world’s population aged between 5 and 50 suffer from the fear of speaking in open to others. The fear mounts up even more when you are not confident about the language, its accent and the right pronunciation.

At ELTA, we have voice and accent programs for both British and American English. It’s not just for the BPO industry, but in this ever evolving global market, we suggest voice and accent programs for every individual from all walks of life: a housewife to a school teacher, an actor/performer to a CEO.

Communication skills: Enjoy conversations with people from all over the world.

Extempore skills: Speak with spontaneity.

Pronunciation: Be articulate and learn to modulate your voice.

Vocabulary: Use good words when you speak.

Examplify [ read more ]

Most foreign universities require international students to achieve a minimum score on one of two English proficiency tests, the TOEFL and the IELTS.

The curriculum in ELTA’s Examplify Program is designed to prepare students for these exams. Get your desired bands and score in the finals following our proven methods of preparation.

IELTS exam training: Prepare yourself to get your desired band.

TOEFL exam training: Prepare yourself to get your desired score.

The Social Light [ read more ]

“Socialization is the process by which human infants begin to acquire the skills necessary to perform as a functioning member of their society.”

In today’s world, socialising is not just for the who’s who but a survival strategy of modern living, for everyone. At ELTA, The Social Light program helps and grooms individuals from all walks of life in tuning up with the social standards. Be the centre of attention or belle of the ball and enjoy the compliments.

Dress codes

Mobile manners

Dining etiquettes

Body language and eye contact