Cover LELearn English, a Fun Book of Functional language, Grammar, and Vocabulary is a complete package for learning English. It helps learners acquire English on their own. The book is special for many reasons, and here are just a few of them.
Most English language handbooks published in India are unbelievably old-fashioned and often impossible to read. On the other hand, fine Language textbooks published in the UK / USA do not address the Indian learner’s specific needs and problems, problems that often arise from the differences between English and Indian languages. Besides, the background stories used in these books are often completely unknown to our learners and so they cannot relate to the lessons.

Learn English, a Fun Book of Functional language, Grammar, and Vocabulary gently guides Indian readers to master English using contexts and illustrations that are close to their life. Also, the author has blended modern theories of language learning with an informal story-telling style to make your journey as exciting as the destination. As you go through the book, you feel a teacher is actually talking to you.

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ELTA eBrochure

Conjunctions Worksheet
 / Conjunctions Answersheet

Prepositions: in/on/at

Reported Speech Worksheet / Reported Speech Answer Key

Reported Speech Video Worksheet / Reported Speech Video Answersheet

Past Simple regular verbs